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Saturday, April 16th 2016

8:41 PM

The Bridge from Nowhere to Nowhere

A great few hours of riding today. Perfect riding, little traffic...life should always be like this;

Nowhere to Nowhere

A biker on the bridge recognized the Scrambler and gave a big thumbs up.

Slipped down to Woodbury for a V8. Talked another biker, Terry, who had been riding his bicycle for a year because him KTM was down for expensive repair. People tend to love talking motorcycles.


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Friday, April 1st 2016

4:32 PM

Gager Lime Company

Caught 269 off 231, down to Sherwood TN

Gager Lime

Came back through Monteagle and down the mountain on 41.

Nice day of riding.


201 mi

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Monday, March 28th 2016

5:08 PM

Natchez Trace Parkway - A little of it

A great day. Mild temps. No heat required. Hard to beat.

Natchez Trace Parkway

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Saturday, February 20th 2016

1:58 PM

Nice Day - Time to Ride

Nice day head out to Fall Creek Falls with Uncle Phil. That means riding at double time. Saw 95 once. The Scrambler is solid. I think you could take it to the rev limiter with no twitching. Once above 40mph not much need to shift...just twist the throttle.

Fall Creek - Hwy 30

291 mi.

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Saturday, February 13th 2016

11:55 AM

Too Cold to do Anything Else

Too cold to ride, so may as well install...

Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Sort of post apocalyptic rat bike.


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Sunday, January 31st 2016

2:43 PM

Two Days

Two wonderful January days...on a weekend! Things were still a bit wet and muddy. It also ways very windy. Great fun nevertheless.


Cedars of Lebanon

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Saturday, January 16th 2016

11:16 AM

Winter in Tennessee

Well, there hasn't been extended bad weather, but it is mid-January now and riding time is limited. Today, I just backed the Scrambler out of the garage and ran it long enough to heat up and then "rode" it back into the garage.

It was good just to hear it run.

Retired after May, so the whole summer is opening up.

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Sunday, November 22nd 2015

4:00 PM

Some fun miles with Uncle Phil

When riding with UP, usually there is food but very few photo ops. Speed limits are also mostly for reference only. A great day of riding.



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Friday, November 20th 2015

4:54 PM

Finally, CycleMo's

Turned out to be a last minute thing. The weather was cool and cloudy and I took the fastest way. Still, some nice roads, and CycleMo's is a nice, unique museum.


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Saturday, October 31st 2015

1:06 PM

Another Saturday of Rain

Again, I thought the rain would hold off enough to get to Red Boiling Springs. But, not to be. I did get an hour in the morning which was mostly rain free and ran a few close roads. Heated gear is wonderful stuff. The temp was right at 60°, and I was warmer than when I was sitting around the house later.

The Scrambler: runs great no matter what. Its a little balky when cold but it warms up quickly. Simply a pleasure to ride. I think the suspension has softened up a bit and it gobbles up any kind of surface.

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