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Sunday, November 22nd 2015

4:00 PM

Some fun miles with Uncle Phil

When riding with UP, usually there is food and a very few photo ops. Speed limits are also mostly for reference only.



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Friday, November 20th 2015

4:54 PM

Finally, CycleMo's

Still turned out to be a last minute thing. The weather was cool and cloudy and I took the fastest way. Still, some nice roads, and CycleMo's is a nice, unique museum.


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Saturday, October 31st 2015

1:06 PM

Another Saturday of Rain

Again, I thought the rain would hold off enough to get to Red Boiling Springs. But, not to be. I did get an hour in the morning which was mostly rain free and ran a few close roads. Heated gear is wonderful stuff. The temp was right at 60°, and I was warmer than when I was sitting around the house later.

The Scrambler: runs great no matter what. Its a little balky when cold but it warms up quickly. Simply a pleasure to ride. I think the suspension has softened up a bit and it gobbles up any kind of surface.

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Monday, October 19th 2015

8:20 PM

Finally, some cold weater

Seems odd, but I was anxious to try out the heated gear. Everything worked and the cat smell was pretty much gone. Started out at 55 F. Just have a single controller and I would have cranked up the gloves a little higher, but, the hands were good..no problem.

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Sunday, October 4th 2015

5:10 PM

Some Days It Works Regardless

I had determined to head toward McMinnville and run wonderful Hwy 30. It was a bit cool and wet, so a good chance to try out  some of my new gear.

But. I find that the heated vest I was planning to use had been fouled by the cat. So, hand wash and drip dry that thing and, of course, can't use it today. So, on to the riding pants which don't have a zipper down the side. That's a problem with a foot that doesn't have an ankle to flex.

I did fight my into the thing and got the rest of the gear on. So, no added heat and starting out frustrated. Decided to run 269 instead as it is a little shorter and more suited to my mood.

Actually a great ride. There were bicyclists, asphalt grooved by the grinding machines, light rain, and even some chip seal....the Scrambler doesn't care. It motors confidently through it all. I didn't get cold but I would have felt more comfortable with a little. Still, no problems and a nice nice ride. There were only a sprinkling of bikes out. They don't know what they were missing.



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Sunday, September 20th 2015

7:36 PM

Short Mountain

This was the first place that I got the VStrom muddy and I hadn't been back since. No mud this time, but it seems every patch of gravel road in TN is now not maintained. The climb up really begins at the bible camp (the road to that point wasn't all that great. There is a sharp climb over diagonally rutted gravel and then a sharp hairpin of the same kind of ruts plus the potholes created by truck going up to the radio towers. Overall pretty crappy. I had to slip the clutch considerably, but the Scrambler climbed easily. The rest of it was pretty ordinary gravel.

This time, since I looked at it with Google satellite, I went all the way to the end where there is a turn around loop at the end next to a large tower.

Next I followed my memory to N. Short Mountain Road (since all the road signs are gone) which is a rather long stretch of gravel. There is one long, steep section that was heavily wash boarded. Good thing I was going down. Going up would have been a fight.

So, another old time favorite visited. Also ran hwy 53 back up to Liberty. A nice stretch of pavement. One thing I've noticed with the windshield: you find yourself exceeding the speed limit because the Scrambler does it so easily. Without the "wind in the chest" indicator, speed builds quickly.


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Sunday, September 13th 2015

7:52 PM

I Hit Some Favorites

TN 85, 62 and 116. The Scrambler is enormously competent. The little windshield is a wonder. Temps were unusually cool. Got to get the heated gear hooked up.




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Monday, August 31st 2015

5:33 PM

Wet, dry, repeat

I've begun visiting places (rides) I haven't visited in a while. This weekend, TN141. I did a lot of the planned route, 141 was closed just as it approached the Caney fork. So, I cut that short and did a little side riding on the way back to the house. Got a little wet in spotty rain showers.

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Saturday, August 15th 2015

2:30 PM

A Chores Day

I had a few things that had to get done today. One of them was to get over to Bloodworth's and get the service reset on the Scrambler as the software wouldn't do it the day I had the initial service.

Wouldn't do it today either...I guess Ducati is better at motorcycles than computer software. No problem really. The little service symbol stays on.

While there I ate the free burger that is usually available on summer Saturday's when its not raining. Well, there were storms building in the south and I knew it was coming, so I was wolfing that thing down.

As I am eating in a rather undignified way, a pretty young woman comes over and sits across from me. She's there to test ride a Vespa, but its been busy and Glenn has sort of forgotten her. I told her that Glenn is a good guy and just bounces off the walls a bit on busy Saturdays. I suggested that she go over and tell Glenn they needed to talk business. I also told her that a Vespa was the first powered two wheeler that I had  desperately wanted, but I never got one.

I was going to chase Glenn down myself, but she took my advise and Glenn got into action. Just as I was leaving I talked to her a little about the Scrambler as Glenn was getting the Vespa backed out and started. I told her to have fun as I left to go north away from the rain and take Briley Parkway back home.

I hope she got her ride in before the rain came.

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Thursday, August 6th 2015

5:06 PM

Riding What?

The VStrom was always a bit tall for me, but I always managed. Nary a drop in 70K miles. But now I need to know the ground is closer so I can tag it with this carbon fiber leg of mine.

Unfortunately, nearly all the bikes I like are too tall. I could ride a cruiser, but I wouldn't be all that happy with it. Just in time Scrambler comes to town. At first it wasn't available and I hadn't heard any good thing about the local dealer (next closest...150 miles). I looked at a Yammy FZ07 and liked it well enough, but it is strictly a street bike and I am very fond of poorly maintained gravel roads.

I meant to have a bike by May, but a variety of things kept me from it. Finally, I got over to the Ducati dealer and talked bikes to the sales guy. All it took was a look at the Scrambler. I knew it was the bike for me. It was two more weeks before I could get around to a test ride. I hadn't ridden in a year and half and I was pretty nervous.

I had to walk it around a trailer in the parking lot and angle down to White Bridge road. Once I got through the first intersection onto some open road...A beautiful engine. Lots of pop right from the bottom. Very little flywheel and a quick throttle...Things that I can get used to. 30" seat and 5-1/2" inches of suspension, wide bars, barely over 400 lbs..pretty much everything I wanted. A real hoot to ride. Suspension a bit stiff, seat a little hard. More thing I can get used to.


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